Why sponsor KewFest?

The Kew Community Festival is a well-supported community festival capturing the diversity of Kew. We organise activities and events presented over several weeks in March of each year, attracting approximately 10,000 people.

Participating in the festival allows a more direct connection with your audience – because of the ability to make a direct pitch and generate new leads and get in front of your target market – it also shows them that you are community oriented which is a sought after value in many discerning customers these days.

Sponsoring the festival is a means of giving back to your community – become good corporate citizens – establish goodwill and thanking the community that helps your business flourish.

The festival of events goes over several weeks across many local venues, which also offers a great opportunity to create a market and hand out branded freebies.

Involvement can also lead to meeting new businesses and potential co working opportunities.

Getting involved in Kewfest is an affordable way of making a difference locally – running an ad campaign can be expensive. With local event sponsorship your target market is right there saving time and valuable resources.

We are local – and you are part of the locality –Let’s get to know each other!

As our partners we will help draw media attention and coverage for you as best we can, by promoting you on our website and social media platforms.

We would be delighted to have a long-term partnership – not just this year – will keep you on our website and update regularly based on information from you.

We are very flexible is you would like to sponsor the whole festival, a specific event or even to volunteer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can explore these opportunities together.